Body piercing should be done with a lot of carefulness. Many people do not get worried about the jewelry they use unless it results in an allergic reaction. The jewelry used for body piercing is different from the general bracelets, rings, and necklaces. What is body piercing really, it happens when a sharp object is used to create an opening, wound where the jewelry is inserted. While getting ready for such a procedure, you must make sure that the environment it is carried on is safe. High-quality equipment’s which will not cause undue infections or stress should be used. This article will tell you more about body piercings. Read on

Piercings Should Be Done in a Sterile Environment

The only way to prevent infections after getting pierced is by ensuring the use of safe elements. You should get piercings from a certified studio with qualified and licensed piercers. A skilled and experienced piercer understands the need for the use of authentic and safe jewelry. The right use of gloves and antibacterial solutions throughout the procedure ensures minimal or no infections during the procedure. The initial jewelry used must be of high quality and safe since the body needs time to heal. After the piercing is healed, you can switch to different designs and styles.

Select the Right Body Jewelry

Belly ringThe jewelry used immediately after the hole is made should be smooth without grooves or scratches. In other words, it must be brand new. You must be extra careful in this one because as the body heals from the piercings, new tissues grow around the metal. The new skin will not have enough space to breathe if the jewelry used is too tight. I would suggest the use of metals like platinum, steel, titanium, niobium, and gold. Surgical steel is the best of all.

What Next After Piercing

Give your wound time to heal. Uttermost care and hygiene should be observed in the first three months. After the place is healed, you can now select whatever jewelry you want to wear and show it off proudly. Your piercer will probably give you the dos and don’ts after they are done with you. Kindly make sure to follow all of them to avoid infections. If you notice any abnormality or unusual pain, contact your piercer for advice. It is better to get treated early in case of infection than waiting for things to get out of hand.

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